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10 Craziest New Trends in Dog Grooming

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  • 10 Craziest New Trends in Dog Grooming

    Silly article. Round heads on Bichons is a "new trend" - really?

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    Atrocious article. Creative grooming is used as most if the examples. A category (show, pet, creative) is not a fad nor can it should the individual elements comprising the finished look be highlighted as separate items. What's next? Brushing becomes a completely separate element from combing? Ridiculous list making at work. O

    If you continue to click through - past the first list- the abundance of misinformation is appalling.


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      WOW HoneyandChewiespal.......I think you got up on the wrong side of the bed.........I thought it was spot on. Not only that but if you continue to click on "next", it goes into different articles such as Which dog bites the most, Which breed is least loyal, Which breed is worst for a family, Which mix breeds is the cutes (YIKES.. Doxie and Dalmatian). I think dog lovers and groomers will like the website.

      Happy clicking on "next"

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