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Hi Everyone Mobile Pricing Needed...

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  • Hi Everyone Mobile Pricing Needed...

    My name is Michele and I started grooming in my own van and wanted to know if there was a general price list for grooming... Looking for anything that can help me. Thank you Soooooo much .....

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    It's totally dependent on where you are. Some people get 90 for a chi some get 40 for a chi. You need to do your own recon in your area. I went off the big box stores total spa price then added 5-15 to that for the mobile convenience. With few exceptions because they price some dogs ridiculously low. It makes me very close to double our local private shops in price.


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      Figuring out pricing and cost of running a business is usually first in line. Did you go to grooming school already? How long have you been grooming? How long do dogs take you and how many are you grooming in a day? You need to figure out your expenses. If you posted expenses we could help you out more and details on how many dogs you can groom per day.


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        Yes I went to grooming school but they really never gave up price sheets. 5 years now and all my customers tell me im cheaper than the salons or are the same.


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          Im north of tampa.