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Flying pig grooming tables

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  • Flying pig grooming tables

    Are they any good? Contemplating buying one

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    I think there was an earlier thread on this that may help


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      I have the electric round one in my mobile van. I've only had it for a couple of months so I can't say how well it will hold up long term up but I like it for me. It was the right size and price for me to risk buying it. My biggest dog is only about 50 lbs but it is definitely solid and sturdy for anything i have used it for.


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        They are pretty new company so it is hard to say. I would look at them at a trade show, if they are still going to them.


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          I purchased this grooming table Flying Pig Large Size Super Durable Heavy Duty Dog Pet Foldable Grooming Table (44" x 24") from Amazon. I love it, it is very sturdy and came with the neck thing. LOL you can tell I'm not a groomer but I do find it easier to lift him up onto to it to be brush out. We have been going to the groomer every 2 weeks but now that he is bigger we are going 4 weeks. I am finding his muzzle is growing fast and that he really could use a bath in-between. So I do have clippers poster A-5 from long ago and they do run hot so I may invest in those mentioned by snow. I will need a dryer so I'm unsure what to do about that, but when it rains and he is all wet it would be good to have so I could dry him while brushing him out so he doesn't get matted. I love his fluffy look..for now anyway we are at 6 month now. I'm thinking this dryer Flying Pig Grooming One Purple High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer w/Heater

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