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  • Groomers Out Doing Each Other

    Love the ideas in the valentines thread but brings up question. Remember I am still kinda newbie. I have a great boss. But holidays bring up poop. Example, one groomer will make special treats or gifts for the holiday for THEIR grooms ONLY. Another groomer does nothing. My boss says she cannot make them do special things, or tell them not to. I see her point but I think it is sad. When boss says let's all do this, some will, some won't. I HATE THAT. So boss does something special for all customers, but some customers get an extra gift or treat or attention by one groomer who does more. I really hate that, but that is the way it is. Any comments?

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    It's great that your boss gives something to all clients. They are all valuable. I hope that the groomer who goes the extra mile does so privately-just between she and her clients. No one's feelings should be hurt, and no client should feel less valuable than the next.
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      I buy my own ribbon and embelishments to make fancy bows for only my clients. I do not make them for others and very rarely do I give them to another groomer for their dog because I payed out of my own pocket for the supplies. Our most recent hire came making her own bows as well. Now the other girls make their own bows once in a while, usually for the major holidays. Our company provides plain acetate ribbon and bands, so anyone can make bows at any time if needed. I don't feel it is unfair, the clients that really like the bows end up going with those of us that make the fancier ones, but its ok because the girls that don't like making bows as much don't have to worry about if they have bows the client will like.
      If some groomers do something extra, I don't see a problem. If it causes too much drama within your group, maybe boss should do something to stop it. If a customer brings you cookies every groom would you ask them to stop? No. I think it is great when my girls do something nice for the clients, it shows they care and helps retain clientele. I agree the other girls doing exta things should not be loud about it or shove it in anyone's face, but if you feetl left out find something you would be good at, and do something for your clients. Could be as simple as bows or bandanas. It doesn't have to be expensive, and if you offer upgrades, throw your extras only to clients who get upgrades. My fanciest bows don't go to clients that only want a basic groom because I don't make anything back for the bow.


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        When I worked at corp, I bought and made my own bandanas. If me and another groomer were dogs from the same family, I would offer them a bandana. They usually said yes. If they said no, I left the bandana off my dog as well. All of my bath and groom dogs left with a bandana. I didn't care what the other groomers did. If a client liked the bandanas and special touches enough to request me then fine. Honestly, it's something i do because I feel like it completes my grooms. Now that I'm on my own, I don't have to worry about any of that at all!

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          We make sure there is cooperation, no scenes that would be controversial.