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Time to say goodbye to my baby?

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  • Time to say goodbye to my baby?

    Months ago I found out that my oldest ShihTzu has a cancer. He is 13 years old. He is one of the healthiest dogs in the planet, has never had any health issues in his life. My vet, I believe, is best around my area said he doesn't operate surgery because he is old and won't survive from it and suggested me to put him sleep. I called my friends who have this experience before with their dogs said that I should at least try medication for a while. So I decided to put him on medications even though I understood that they don't cure his cancer, just for buying time to spend a little time with him. He stayed at clinic for tests and starting taking meds and he responded really well to it. Since then I gave him prescription canned food and meds as the vet order along with occasional vet visits. Now he stops eating and vomits a few times. He is still taking water. He doesn't take cooked chicken/ carrots and chicken soup that were only he took for a while. I have an original vet appointment next Monday but bring him tomorrow instead. Unfortunately the vet is on vacation so another Doctor will see him tomorrow. I can't watch him like this any more but I want MY vet to do the work for my baby if I have to. I just wonder if there is something he can take, anything veggies or fruits...need time till next Monday. Thanks.

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    OMG.......let your baby cross over the bridge as fast and painless as possible........your wants and needs are secondary at this point.

    sorry for your loss

    Happy crossing over

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      So very sad...

      I'm so sorry about your ShihTzu. I understand your grief and pain, just try to make him comfortable until you can get to your vet. The vet may be able to call in and prescribe pain pills that you can pick up at a pharmacy if you can't get to his office. Cancer is a terrible disease, I have lost quite a few dogs (mostly old, too) to this awful killer.

      Pix below are "Tippy" (our Lhasa rescue) who we helped cross the bridge in November...he was 18.5 years old, deaf and blind, and could no longer walk on his own even with meds to help his arthritis. We had him for 7 years. His original owner went into a nursing home and family wouldn't take him...probably his propensity to bite first and ask questions later...typical Lhasa. We miss him and his shenanigans.
      The other pic is our beloved 13 year old Rhea, she unexpectedly passed from Hemangiosarcoma just a few weeks ago. A vet visit with blood tests and x-rays two weeks prior to that proved inconclusive. The call it the "silent killer" because there are no symptoms in most dogs until it's too late. Thankfully a number of AKC parent clubs (it's more common in large breeds) are contributing quite a bit of money to the University of MN vet school for research on this awful disease. Rhea was an IVDD survivor. We placed her in what I thought was a good home, and she came back to us at 8 years old with back issues - her owners wouldn't pay for surgery, we did. The picture was taken less than 48 hours before she passed. She died in my arms...

      All of us here know your heart is breaking.
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