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Best dematting and deshedding process?

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  • Best dematting and deshedding process?

    Im curious! Lmk your process! I love learning from other groomers!

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    Jodi Murphy has a deshedding DVD out that is pretty good.........during the bath, use your slicker brush and rake the coat, all loose hair falls into the tub and not in the air. Any mat that can't be taken care of in a couple of minutes gets the clipper treatment. I'm not putting any dog thru H**L because the owner doesn't comb the dog, or is not on a regular grooming schedule.

    Happy going to Jodi's website

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      I've never found deshedding in the tub nearly as effective as the HV. It really depends on the coat as to what I do, but the HV is a big part of it.

      As far as dematting, also depends on coat, and I don't put dogs through he77 to do it. I resent the implication that matting can't be taken care of humanely. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean I can't (collective you here). No, I'm not going to de-mat a pelted dog, but absolutely will brush out mats on my regulars whether the owner brushes them or not. Matted dogs (as all my dogs) go right to the tub, washed, and a leave on conditioner. I like coat handler for that, and if it needs extra, I use stazko rinse out and the spray on/leave in conditioner. A stiff bristled slicker brush. This is me demonstrating. Yes this is a tail but I use the same technique on anything.