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    I'm not advertising regarding Spa services for now. In 6 months yes. But for now all I want to do is give a Spa like atmosphere; I'm taking décor ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can slowly work my way into the look?

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    Paint color, easiest, cheapest and biggest difference. I would stick with muted colors, natural tones. Nothing bright and cheery. Calming colors.


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      How about white towels rolled and placed on big V shaped wooden shelves on the wall near your bathing station, pendant lighting, atmospheric music, nice framed artwork, modern furniture. What would be costly is ceramic tiles that look like wood planks as your flooring. Use a modern color scheme for walls, no pink at all in the shop. Take down all clutter and useless ad posters. Think simplistic and minimal. Then put up a nice spa menu board for clients to see.


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        Lack of intrusive noise is the best way to create the proper atmosphere. No loud phones ringing, soft voices, soft music , and so on.
        In your lobby/ entry way use ambient lighting to create an immediate impact.
        Maybe you could visit a few 'human' spas ( either in person or online ) to get some ideas for low cost tricks to create the atmosphere you want.
        The closest thing to what I believe you are looking to create is the new Cesar Milan location in Florida. Check out the pictures of the Country Inn Pet Resort.


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          Noise abatement rooms and other means disclosed here. We bought the whole box.


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            I am simplistic to begin with. Hate clutter. Love these ideas to help me get set up. Irishsetter tom are there any pictures in particular I should get and frame. I have no clue what kind. I can certainly do all of these and some are already done. I chose a very soft green for the walls. I was going to put a darker green as the accent color. It's not really really dark. Should I do that still? Love the spa menu idea and rolled towels. Off to check out Country Inn Pet Resort with Cesar Milan. If anyone has any more ideas fire away. I wish I could post pics. I"ll keep trying.


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              Search Pinterest for ideas. I am working on my shop that I just acquired. Our theme is old fashioned barber shop look/spa-ish.

              Hobby Lobby has some cool stuff. Ordered some prints online and picked up ornate frames. We used greys, greens, and copper paint colors and did accent wall painting.