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  • Skin Issues

    I have noticed in the last year we see more and more skin issues than ever and all kinds, from yeasty things to bad flea side effects or super dry skin. It's one of my favorite issues to learn more about. The mud baths are helping but lots of other things too. Just not sure why such a big increase and I have heard the same from other groomers.

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    I see it gwtting worse every year. Some blame the weather being very inconsistent, and some blame poor breeding. Also noticing seizures becomming more and more common...:/


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      I am in Florida and so far we have had no winter.....I now have regulars who have never had skin problems coming in scratching & digging with more yeasty ears and feet. By now, even in Florida we have had several cool snaps and typically are in the 50's and 60's routinely. I'm thinking maybe weather for my dogs, but I always ask what they are feeding. As to the seizures, I have had at least 3 dogs who were placed on Trifexis by their vets who developed seizure disorders. One died.


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        probly part due to over use of anti biotics


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          LOTS of fleas this year and dry skin.