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FBI to start federal list of animal abusers

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  • FBI to start federal list of animal abusers

    Caught my eye following admins post of the Tennessee item. FBI is drawing correlation between animal abusers and criminal behavior.
    Was on Yahoo news tonight. Finally.

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    Sorry H & C.......but how? Did a search on child abusers......there was 7 in a 2 mile area around these parts. So is the FBI gonna keep animal abusers from living within certain tenths of miles from animals or try to keep them from owning them, which is not possable, imo!
    Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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      I think the intent of the list was more of a tool so that shelters and shops would be able to make sure they weren't placing animals with someone of a history of abuse. Would also be handy for local animal control to deal with chronic abusers. I remember a couple of cases on the various "animal cops" series, where the agents were frustrated that people they've been making a serious case against would move out of the county and it was like they had dropped of the face of the earth. You KNOW they were just going to get more poor critters and do the same things again.


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        Yep. Since it would be a national list there would be some way to follow abusers from state to state. Also they are using it to correlate pet abusers to the next level of serial criminal behaviors.
        It wouldn't necessarily be forbidding these people from living near certain places but it would allow communities to check on behaviors. ( in my area there is a family that rents different homes to use as puppy mills - this would allow police to follow)


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          I think I support this a lot. Hope it starts up soon.


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            Well this would help a little even for groomers to be able to check when hiring.