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Four Legged Pants for Dogs

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  • Four Legged Pants for Dogs

    Last week we scoffed at the whole Internet debate over dog pants — mainly over the idea that they should be debated at all, but also over the gone-viral graphic that showed a dog wearing pants that covered all four legs.......................
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    I agree with the "comment lady Tina"...also from the rainy Pacific Northwest, it is soooo nice to have a full cover-up on a rainy walk.
    And road grime sticks like crazy so this is a HUGE help.
    I used to just get the 'jammie type from PetEdge for my Bichon. Much cheaper and worked well.

    It's also not usual to see the heavily coated dogs like Afghans wearing something similar at dog shows. It's keeps the coat dry and clean before they go into the ring.


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      Cool idea in some climates.