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I feel lost ! Don't know what I want to do ? Expand business with another location?

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  • I feel lost ! Don't know what I want to do ? Expand business with another location?

    Or even start up a whole different business. What are things I can do to clear my head. I just want some change. Grooming just feels the same day after day so I'm wondering if I should try my luck at another location, redo the salon, move locations (saw a new spot for $2500 month! that had good space) I would try to do a cheap buildout of under 25k . Or open up another location a few towns over where rents are $450-1000 month and landlords are willing to do some buildout. Still looking at 15k .

    Kinda thinking out loud right now.

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    "I just want some change." I think that statement may have some hidden meanings we may not know of. You are not questioning your grooming career are you??? You do want to stay in grooming for sure, and just looking for change, right? There is risk in moving a location, why take that risk? I would consider a remodel before moving if it gives you something else to do to change things up a bit. Have you ever thought of teaching, just a small operation, you don't have to become a big school. It can be very rewarding and will keep you busy and every student is different. Do you have some local groomers that would have get togethers? Business women organization?


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      I have felt this way before and started taking 1 week off twice a year, and actually GOING AWAY somewhere, not staying at home. How about a trade show this year, and a trip to ?? something not grooming. One year I actually took some fun night courses and sparked some interest that helped with groomer blues.


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        I know someone that opened a 2nd location and her workload the first year was extreme.


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          How are things going Tif?