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Do you send thank you cards for Christmas gifts?

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  • Do you send thank you cards for Christmas gifts?

    I received several very nice gifts(jewelry and money) and also some cookies and candles. I of course thanked my customers in person, but wondered how you all handled this.

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    I am very curious about his as well.


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      Yes, yes, yes....send a hand written thank you.

      I send thank you's for even the "small" gifts...a box of candy, etc.
      The fact that someone took the time out of their day to think of you and bring you a gift deserves a written letter of thanks.


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        Yes,, I do. Everything that is more than usual tip and, of course, gift cards, cookies, etc. get a written thank you card.
        (but do you expect customers to write you a thank you note for the gifts you give their dogs (I give out toys) around christmas?)


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          Definitely send a thank you note. Whenever we get a gift, baked goodies, or even a nice holiday tip I write it down right away so I remember what came from who.


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            yes, it's polite & professional


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              Yes! Absolutely ! I always send thank you cards and there are a couple of customers that I have built relationships with over the years that we exchange gifts.
              It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see.
              Henry David Thoreau


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                I don't.........I just hug and thank them for their gift.

                Happy hugging everyone

                Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC



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                  YES!!!!!!! Send a handwritten within 5 days of recieving gift. Do not type or use email/ text. Use axeal stamp and not the company postage machine ( if you have one).

                  I keep cards at my shop and write the note and post within the day of getting a gift. It's old fashioned but it is so appreciated by everyone
                  ( I have among my friends someone who write thank you for every extra kindness that comes her way. ).