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  • Lucky Me!

    Sorry for bragging but so excited, I got a belated Christmas gift arriving tomorrow. A Groomers Best grooming table!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, kids and hubby pooled funds. I don't always like getting grooming things for holidays or birthday, but a table! No problem, I really needed it.

    Anyone else get grooming things for gifts??

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    That is so AWESOME MuddyPaws-congrats!![emoji106]🏻[emoji3]

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      Excellent! Happy for you. I got 3 gift cards and went shopping at I love starting the new year with a new look. Nothing else grooming.


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        What a super gift that you will enjoy everyday. I too received some wonderful grooming gifts:

        1). A bottle of whisky for courage.

        2). A 20", two handed, machete for those industrial sized mats. It comes with written instructions in Japanese for chanting.

        3). Buzz Saw for those super sized nails.

        4). 200 mph Wind Tunnel for super fast drying on those 3 lb Yorkies.

        5). Tree Trimmers for that one time swipe for those "puppy cut" requests.

        Happy Grooming in 2016

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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          Wow great table. I got a couple hundred and half is going to grooming things. Definitely need a new organizer. Enjoy the table.


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            Great choice. I know you will enjoy. I have one of my 3 tables.


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              I got a backup set of shears and another chunker from Jeff. Got to pick them up from the man himself when I visited my family in Mobile, AL.

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                Cool gift that will last a long long time.


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                  Isnt it awesome to get a gift that you will actually use! Congrats


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                    Yes thanks everyone, and it is electric. My hip will love that.