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Quit Smoking for the Sake of Your Pets

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  • Quit Smoking for the Sake of Your Pets

    Smokers are being urged to quit smoking for their New Year resolution for the sake of the health of their pets.

    An ongoing study by the University of Glasgow shows a direct link between the effects on pets living in a smoking environment and a higher risk of health problems including some animal cancers, cell damage and weight gain.
    Professor Clare Knottenbelt, Professor of Small Animal Medicine and Oncology at the university's Small Animal Hospital, has been studying the effects of smoking and the health impact it has on family dogs and cats.
    Professor Knottenbelt said: "Our findings show that exposure to smoke in the home is having a direct impact on pets. It risks ongoing cell damage, increasing weight gain after castration and has previously been shown to increase the risk of certain cancers.....................
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    I thought of copying this article and putting it with my handouts to pet owners. I have a wall of handouts, I don't force on my customers. Some dogs come in smelling so smokey I worry for their health.


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      I have a shih poo that I whiten and it must be that smelly smoke. She is definitely the lap dog girl.


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        We have some that come in smelling so bad from smoke I find it gagging. The chemicals in cigarettes are astounding, thousands. Organic tobacco without any chemicals is available. Still not healthy but how can breathing in vast amounts of chemicals not cause harm?