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2015 was a Very Good Year

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  • 2015 was a Very Good Year

    Overall I was very pleased with 2015 and that lends some belief that 2016 is going to be another one. Somehow I am not behind in my paperwork, much that is, and we had few repairs needed, and I lost no employees. I hope that means I am a better employer and they like working here. Teamwork is better, we had more talks about it even monthly over pizza and sodas. We are ready for a bather going out on family leave in February, and she actually helped find a good replacement we have tested. Morale is great with the dvds, streaming and grooming library I setup and they can check them out to take home, limit 1 at a time. 2 day weekend is max time. What else? We didn't raise prices in 2015, I don't raise prices every year for my customers, I find that too predictable. Zany customers? No more than usual and I think not letting it get our buttons pushed anymore helps a lot. Anyone facing a challenge at the counter just simply asks for me to take over, that's fine, I am the owner. So rested now and looking back 2015 was a good year because we tried and adapted to change.

    I wish everyone a prosperous and sane 2016 in business.

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    I love hearing good news. It was a good year here too. I like how you treat your staff. Keep it going.


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      Kudo's to you! It sounds like you have created an awesome work environment for your employees to feel valued and to grow. In doing so you see less employee turnover and more happy customers. Some salon owners can find it difficult to create such a work place, Glad to hear you had a great and I hope the next is even better!
      It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see.
      Henry David Thoreau


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        I am glad to hear it. Doesn't it take a lot of time to learn and be a good employer?? YES Now I don't mind being an employer because it has greatly lessened the wear and tear on my body. I don't have to sell "for health reasons" when it is time. Thanks for sharing.


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          We had a good year too, a small place but outside of my bather getting bit, not terribly I don't have any bad memories. I think maybe we learn things from others here and avoid mistakes too.