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What was your favorite present you got this year.

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  • What was your favorite present you got this year.

    Tips aside my favorite gift from customers was a handmade frame professional quality by a customer who has a framing shop. From a friend I got a $200 spa day certificate, wow! About now that is a good thing.

    What about you?

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    My most astounding was a bottle of Cartier perfume. My sister gave my a pair of floating fire opal earrings.
    The most meaningful is probably the card with $20 in it from an elderly client on a severely restricted budget. Her words were more meaningful than the cash.
    The medallion from our city council for contributions to animal welfare is the most unexpected and humbling.
    The most appreciated was the kiss on my nose this morning from my little Chih that moved in last Christmas when her previous (10 year) home decided she was inconvenient and a nuisance. She's one of the most loving and considerate dogs I've had the pleasure to share a home with.