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Dogs Mysteriously Disappearing in Northern New York

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  • Dogs Mysteriously Disappearing in Northern New York

    Police in St. Lawrence County have launched an investigation after more than a dozen area canines have mysteriously disappeared over the past three weeks.

    "St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Deputies would like to warn the public and seek their assistance after receiving multiple reports of missing dogs over the last few weeks," a statement from the St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Department says.

    According to police, the sheriff's office and the dog control officer received reports from several towns such as Lisbon, Canton and Potsdam saying that at least 10 dogs have gone missing.

    St. Lawrence County Animal Control Officer James McConkey estimates that at least 15 dogs all within a 26-mile radius in St. Lawrence County have disappeared. While he knows it's not uncommon for dogs to run away, he says the circumstances of these cases are causes for concern.

    "There have been a few where people had them in a fenced-in yard, with no way for the dog to get out, and they disappeared," he says. "In another, a dog was removed from its chain."................
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    Sad, it must be a very dark minded character that would do this.


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      I live across the border from Potsdam app. 1 1/2 hrs. We have a white van that travels around in app, 3-5 hr. radius and they take dogs. This has been going on for app. one year. They can't catch the people doing this. I wonder if it could be part of the same gang. I have no idea what they do with the dogs except they seem to be purebreds that go missing, so I'm guessing they are re-selling. This area watches their dogs very closely, even when fenced in.


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        These: Video is super clear, everyone in my area has security cams and systems dog thefts are low but escapes are high....


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          And lot of stolen dogs are now being sold as "rescues".


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            There's a similar white van going around Ontario doing the same thing.


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              We have security cameras on our house and signs clearly visible that our property is under surveillance. I think it helps.


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                So sad people do this.