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5 Common Mistakes That Make Dogs Hate Bath Time

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  • 5 Common Mistakes That Make Dogs Hate Bath Time

    Well, take them to the pros!

    We tell you what not to do during bath time, so that it becomes a more relaxing and comfortable experience for your pup.............
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    Some dogs hate bath time no matter how cajoling and repetitious you are(hence, we end up with "bath" dogs) this article made me smile at the mental image I had of someone getting in the tub with their dog!


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      Totally agree country girl! This article was nice but gives owners the idea that we might be doing something wrong because their dogs hate getting groomed! I also like how they basically say "if your squirmy dog hates his teeth brushed then make it fun for them because it's important." I have a dog that would rather jump off a bridge then let me anywhere near his mouth with a toothbrush. Beef flavored or not! It's not that I don't want to bother because I know he hates it- it's impossible!

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        We had a problem with toothbrushing too. Daisy just doesn't want to remain still when it's time for it... But the scariest thing is that she can just bite the brush and crush it. Those plastic pieces are very harmful to animals. We started using a bamboo toothbrush to avoid such situations. At least it's organic.