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Aging Baby Boomers Opting for Pint Sized Poochs

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  • Aging Baby Boomers Opting for Pint Sized Poochs

    Stephen: Over the years we have done quite a few business plans for shop groomers doing dogs 25 pounds or under and they did well. There is even a sample of one in Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper. These places do well with specialty retail for smaller dogs too, and for some in very very high rent districts they can lease much smaller space.

    Sue Bohlmann always loved big dogs. Golden retrievers, especially. Then she and her husband added a Bernese mountain dog to the mix............

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    Excellent idea and perfect for those with limited physical abilities, or AGING abilities, LOL. I understand that one.


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      We've always had stairs in our home and our caveat has always been: Don't get more dog than you can lift and carry up the stairs. Not only because I am an aging Baby Boomer, but because I've been blessed to have my dogs live to ripe old ages where they need to be carried up the stairs! LOL. (Did I mention the baby sling I use during the summer so the little one's feet don't go between the slats on the wooden boardwalk?) Guilty as charged!


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        I only own and mobile groom dogs under 20 pounds. I do quite well and I will be 60 next year. I just do not enjoy grooming med and large and giant breeds anymore. Too much work for the money.


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          I saw that business plan for the small breed boutique. Great idea.


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            I thought about staying in grooming longer by becoming a small school, but this is truly another great idea. Along with the help of a bather doing 10 or 12 very small pets a day would be great. We also love to sew coats, and could offer those custom. I thought of making something matching for the owners, like a scarf that matches the coat. I know there are fabulous small furniture beds for them we could stock too. Really interesting idea.


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              I get more bling requests from small dogs for sure, way more.