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This Woman Wants to Regulate California's Risky Pet Grooming Industry

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  • This Woman Wants to Regulate California's Risky Pet Grooming Industry

    Dogs mutilated by scissors, strangled with their own leashes, or baked to death in drying cages are among the 1,200 California pets injured or killed every year because of groomer negligence, according to animal activists. For San Francisco teacher Hannah Hartman, such horror stories prove it's time for the grooming industry to be regulated.............
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    Oh my. Legislation and any legal documents should not be written and pushed when emotions are running so high. The CA bill was poorly written and would have done a lot of harm if passed, not that the lobbyists want to do away with regulation regardless of what it says.

    What is the article referring to with regulation in Miami, New York, Connecticut and Colorado?


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      If it matters so much to the owner, why doesn't she work toward setting up a school to train groomers in safe ways of handling pets? She could pay people or ask volunteers to do YouTube videos teaching new groomers how to safely use harnesses, etc.? This can be done as a private individual. The videos could be offered free of charge to any new groomer who wants to watch them. It's not as if the government is the only source of training. If the videos were good enough, they could even be used by salons to train new staff.
      As far as financial compensation for pet injuries, she received money, so her claim was not ignored.
      I think it's weird when people assume the government can solve all problems. We're grown ups. The government is not our daddy. We're capable of coming up with solutions.


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        It's really self regulated already, who sits there and watches another groomer/trainee/whatever kill another dog by neglect and says "Well there's a long term employee!" Look at what happens, there are some places where they can sue the business and the groomer personally. What exactly isn't regulated? I can say from experience, there will always be an inherent risk with grooming. Simple prospecting and research can be done to minimize risk, all regulation is going to do is ass out the dogs who really need the grooming, if a person doesn't already have tons of compassion and patience a test and a course won't fix it.


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          There are terrible workers in every industry- regulated or not. I just don't think regulation would change anything. I think a major problem is that no one has any idea what's involved in grooming their dog. At no fault of their own, I too was an ignorant dog owner at one point in time. As a groomer I take the time to thoroughly explain things to owners such as matting,
          Difficult dogs etc. The customers who never understand are the ones I don't want because I know it's only a matter of time until something happens to their dog. Some dogs are just riskier to groom- the ones who go ape **** at a dryer, or move like crazy when anything (like a scissor!) gets near their face, deeply matted dogs... People need to understand that we are not magicians and we cannot always do what they would like us to do. I think as groomers it is our responsibility to explain this to them, and never ever push past our comfort zone for the sake of a good hair cut or pleasing an owner. I'd rather give a dog back then hurt it because the owner doesn't understand.

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