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HELP!!!! Anyone on this forum know about VCA owned shops?

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  • HELP!!!! Anyone on this forum know about VCA owned shops?

    Seriously looking for some advice and help. The clinic I am at just sold out to VCA. Everything changes effective the end of January. Apparently, it's a great deal for the Doctor Who is in charge of all the hospitals. He's walking away with mid-level double-digit millions. He did however manage to stick it to everybody else.

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    I worked for them for four years. I liked it okay. I did have a bather, and they did pay me 50% but, I think it depends on who is managing the practice. I did not like the manager, and had problems with her. Clients would complain to me about their policies. What I saw, was a money grab of the clients. This could be different at your clinic, I'm basing this off my experience. A lot of clients left when they required the flu shot for all dog's. They do offer insurance, but they did not offer me a paid vacation like the rest of the staff which seemed unfair.


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      So were you commission or on salary somehow ?? If commission I can see why no accrued vacation. If salaried then it wasn't equitable. Did you have any benefits at all ??


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        Until you talk to someone in management who knows what the situation is, it's just guesses. In my experience, guesses and anxiety feed on each other. Just my two cents, but better to just do the job and wait until solid information is offered. People love to make other people nervous, so I'd even avoid listening to what others at the vet clinic say, unless they're saying it officially.


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          I have no first hand experience with VCA, however one of go-to sites is, and VCA has several complaints from consumers on this site. There is also a review from an employee that may give you one persons opinion who has worked for them.


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            Thanks everyone. Good advice to sit and talk to GM when she's on town again. Planning on that but wanted some insight before going in to a negotiation.

            Thanks for the site link. Interesting reading but not unexpected. Most complaints about larger hospitals have to do with pricing and the aura of lack of concern ( though I have met some vets and techs who should be in some other line of work - like sitting in a fire tower in the mountains far away from people).

            Filling out the basic paperwork and will hope it all works out by the end of January