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Getting article about you and business in local papers

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  • Getting article about you and business in local papers

    Has anyone had this happen? Did they contact you? Did you contact them? Any suggestions?? Thanks so much and happy holidays with lots of rest afterwards.

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    Long ago we did. We sent them photos and a story about us. MONTHS later they called and sent someone.


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      In 1987, when I opened my business-which included the first self-serve dog wash in the state, I got a nice article in the local paper. I had also placed a display ad in that paper. That's how they found out about me. If you have done something special (Local Groomer Wins Award in National Contest) that would be newsworthy, you could send them a press release-who, what, when, where,why,and how. Lots of things could be newsworthy. Coloring pets for the Holidays, donating a day of grooming to a local charity, collecting pet food donations for a shelter, grooming shelter pets to make them more adoptable, etc.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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        When they ask me if I would like to advertise in the paper I say, point blank, if you do an article on us we would be glad to accompany it with an ad. You know what, it worked. She said I will contact you and a couple months later it did.


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          It is worth the effort. We had an article on us and I got about 50 or more new customers over the next month. We asked when the paper would be doing special section on homes and family, they do every year, and yep, that's when they cover pets too. We sent them some fun pictures of dogs being bathed and it worked. I remember reading this suggestion by Admin on the last board years ago and we did it. I think the key was finding out when they do special interests like home, family and pets. I found out they have that scheduled once or twice a year here.