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Top 10 to Tip ... Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, what about the pet groomer?

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  • Top 10 to Tip ... Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, what about the pet groomer?
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    Glad my clients didn't read tips range from zero to $110.......I prefer the latter :>)

    Happy tipping

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      Not sure why we are left out. There are tons more groomers than sitters and we do make a difference too.


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        I wonder if it's because of the bad press that such a small minority of groomers get when there is an unfortunate incident? Best not to mention them???


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          My groomers make very good tips and I believe a good majority of them are because of the credit card processing that brings up a tip screen with options for none, 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent or custom. You must pick one before signing on the X. It puts you on the spot whether you like it or not.


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            I wish our corporate credit card machine would let people get cash back. I get tips about 50% of the time but often people don't have cash on hand so that cuts into our tips. I do have one guy that tips me in store gift cards, haha. Works fine for me!

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