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  • What are the odds ?

    Fully booked with large hairys Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all through next week. Yesterday the force dryer blew up - literally started smoking. Had to confiscate the old one from the kennel to limp through Friday's dogs. Started this morning with one of the three bichons on the list and the second dryer burned out.

    Had to hustle to find someplace that could rush ship a couple substitute dryers until the double k's can be repaired. The clinic has two on order for a POSSIBLE Tuesday delivery.
    My one bather end I got on Amazon and with any luck I should have a new dryer delivered Monday afternoon - less than catalogue prices and normal shopping would have been free ( I'm paying $30 for expedited ). The one I ordered will be for my home use but will also provide a backup should this ever happen again.
    Who was it that once said on this forum that you should always have s back-up for your back- ups? They certainly were right.

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    Of course these disasters never occur on January 3rd! It always makes me wonder how we got along with stand drying everything before the HV dryer technology came along!


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      What about contacting area salons and ask to borrow/rent their "extra" dryer for a day? This is why it is so important to know your fellow groomers, as friends, not as competition. I have occasionally lent
      my extra Bravura, water pump, and even my van to area mobile groomers who are in an unexpected pinch....all without charging them.

      Happy helping out

      Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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        Good idea Dolly and agree that it is best to keep some older equipment when you replace them as backups. Poop happens sometimes at the most inopportune time.


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          This is why I own 4 dryers, with some that can do double duty of small hv and fluff dryer with heat. I'm paranoid

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