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CA Proponents of Licensing Grooming Trying to Revive Lucy's Law Attempt

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  • CA Proponents of Licensing Grooming Trying to Revive Lucy's Law Attempt

    The national headlines are horrifying: “Dog bakes to death in dryer,” “Fourth dog death at Happy Tails Pet Spa,” “Animal hanged to death at Petco.” An Internet search for “dog grooming death” brings up page after page of similar stories. Marina resident Hannah Hartman says she feels lucky in comparison — her 7-year-old Shih Tzu, Joey, escaped a routine grooming at a Novato-based Petco with a dislocated hip — but Hartman has become a tireless advocate for regulating the industry, because she doesn’t want other dogs injured or killed.

    Senate Bill 969, also called Lucy’s Law for a dog badly maimed by a groomer, would have made California the first state to require vocational licenses for pet groomers, but lawmakers voted it down in August 2012. Now Hartman is crusading to revive the bill and says she’s angry at the lack of interest from her senator, Mark Leno. “It’s heartbreaking that nothing has progressed since my single phone conversation with Leno’s legislative assistant, Sunday Balalis, on Sept. 16. Not only was I never given the opportunity to speak with Senator Leno, but I was also told that I should seek other legislators,” Hartman says. “It’s disheartening to know that our local representative, a man who publicly claims to love animals, apparently doesn’t care about the well being of our beloved family members.”.....................
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    Here we go again CA


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      Key word: TRYING!
      Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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        Think people need to do better hiring, but for the most part...
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          There is usually so much chaos in CA it will likely get delayed.