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Cat shaved like a dinosaur

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  • Cat shaved like a dinosaur

    I've been seeing pictures of cats that have been cut to look like dinosaurs! I have a couple of girls that I work with, wanting me to try it on their cats. Anyone ever done this? Or have some tips they would like to share? I have only started grooming cats since the summer so I don't have a lot of experience with cats anyway, but it would be really neat if I could do it!

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    Most cats, regardless if they are groomed on a regular bases or not, get stressed out..........doing designs on a cat takes a lot of time, and that is one thing cats do NOT tolerate. You need to get a cat on/off a table as close to an hour as possible, or else it is a ticking time-bomb. You need to think about the cat's emotions, not your co-workers "little wants". Hope you went to cat grooming school.

    Happy leaving Miss Kitty alone

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      I was recently asked to do a dinosaur cut. I told the owner that since cat skin is as thin as our eyelids on the belly and underarms, and is not very thick even on the back, I just do speedy lion cuts, not special designs. Cats seem to hide a lot of their feelings, so even a cat who is sitting calmly might be feeling scared or unhappy inside and just not want to show their vulnerability. I think I'd ask questions about the cats before trying a special design. Are they healthy? No medical conditions? Have they been shaved before? How did that go? Do they let their owner pick them up and handle them? Can strangers pick them up? That will give you an idea of whether or not they're good candidates for a design, since this will take longer than a regular shave. My personal feeling is that removing a cat's beautiful fur to make the cat into a sort of a cartoon character is weird human behavior, but that's me Aren't cats beautiful enough already? Again, just my feelings


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        I agree, I dislike even shaving them unless they really just need it! I think they are so much prettier with their fur! These cats are very mild tempered and handled/groomed very often so we thought it might be something fun to try and for me to practice since I have only been grooming cats a short time.

        I work in one of the most prestigious veterinary clinics I've ever been a part of, I am familiar with these cats, so I can assure you we are very in tune with the cats' emotions. ��


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          You sound like you're in tune with kitties! That's great.
          Do you already use a Wahl Bravura? Even though I don't do specialty styles, I would use a Bravura if I were going to do it. Nice and lightweight.
          Good luck!


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            I do have a Bravura that I use sometimes, that's a good idea! Sometimes I feel like these two kitties are the only ones that I am in tune with lol!


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              As a house call groomer, I'm not particularly interested in giving cats a dino trim unless I have already worked with them before and know that they are compliant.


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                I did one, and just recently too. The cat is very fat and round and all of the "design" was on the top. The owner wanted the stegosaurus look and brought a photo. It was pretty much just a Mohawk with sections shaved out every few inches down the back and tail. It took only a few minutes longer than doing a regular lion, and the owner told me that if her cat was uncomfortable with doing it, not to do it at all. He was not matted and other than being overweight, his skin was in good condition and he could not have cared less about what I was doing.