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Thread closed but I thought I would try and post anyway

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  • Thread closed but I thought I would try and post anyway

    Hopefully this doesn’t come across as piling on and is helpful and not confrontational or rude Dog Gamut. I could understand if you were being attacked for suggesting 5 minute shampoos or advocating pre -clipping and were fighting back from being attacked on those positions..

    But to out of the blue for you to suggest, especially after posting your grooming times, that a groomer who bathes fast is the kind who doesn’t care about dogs or is going to injure a dog later in the groom, is well, kind of laughable. Frankly, I myself would not take my wiggly poodle to you if you needed 3 hours because you don’t have the tools or the holding methods to get it done much sooner. I see my little poodle stressed and straining for 3 hours (possibly getting red eyes, see Parti’s blog), constantly being told Stop and No, maybe being yelled at, and you getting more and more frustrated because nobody is there to hold for you, possibly bonking it, possibly cutting it. I wouldn’t take my little angry Chihuahua to you either if you allowed it to be all hyped up for 1.5 hours. Not saying that’s you, but that is what I would think if you needed that much time on small difficult dogs.

    Also, once you are aware of both methods, to precut or not precut is a personal preference. Have you ever tried wetshaving or bathing first before you call it unethical or a waste of time and product? Also, groomers who bathe a matted shavedown first aren’t spending any time drying mats.

    I acknowledge that I have read many times that shampoos need 3 to 5 minutes but now Parti has shared new info that it’s the agitation. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s a little of both, but be open minded about learning and different ideas. Hopefully Parti will share more on agitation. Maybe you’ll even agree with her research and take some time off your grooms and make money which is okay to do.

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    Well said Dog!
    Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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      OK dog5626 but we have to close this thread too. Otherwise the seesaw back and forth just moves here, right? So nothing against you but we gotta stop providing an arena to continue the same issue that caused the problem in the first place. We can all move on, so much more in the grooming world to discuss. THANKS!!!! Happy Thanksgiving.
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