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Article: Pay Attention to Dog Pads in Winter

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  • Article: Pay Attention to Dog Pads in Winter

    Are your fingertips and knuckle creases starting to crack and split yet? The cold, dry, winter air plays havoc with our skin from now until the warm, moist air returns in the spring. Dog and cat owners notice how the dry air affects the animals' skin, as well. We see more hair loss through grooming, more scratching, and usually some dandruff.
    Their skin gets dry and itchy, and their pads can become dry. You'll probably notice more paw-licking in the winter. That dryness leads to discomfort or pain. And it's not just the cold, dry air that dog and cat owners need to be concerned about.
    The cold, wet ground following a rain or snow storm can be especially problematic. There was a time when the mere mention of booties for dogs brought eye rolls. But as their value has become more obvious, the booties have become more popular. Not all dogs will wear booties, but for those that will, the feet, especially the pads, will be nicely protected.
    Some dogs get cranky when you mess with their paws, and especially their pads, which are very important. In addition to providing tactile information and traction, a dog's pads balance his weight evenly, and they serve as shock absorbers, saving wear and tear on joints and muscles................
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