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Dog customer got red skin from Alpha White by Double K

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  • Dog customer got red skin from Alpha White by Double K

    Hi, I have been using Alpha White for several years and never had a problem, but the other day I used it on a Maltese and the customer called the next day to say that 15 minutes after I left the dogs skin was very red. I encouraged them to take him to the vet because I was concerned, which they did. The vet said it was due to the shampoo. Now I can't trust this shampoo. Is there a better whitening shampoo that would be safer? Thanks

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    I have used it for many years too. There is no way the vet can say it was the shampoo for sure. This sounds suspicious. I have seen this happen when I found out they upped the chlorination of our local water supply and not tell us.


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      I use Tropiclean white shampoo..........never had a problem, but again, I've not had any problems with any kind of shampoo on my client's dogs. Was this the first time you groomed the dog? or was this the first time a reaction to the shampoo?

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        Agreed, no way the vet could know, but people take the dog in saying "I just had him groomed and I think he's allergic to the shampoo & the Vet says, yeah he sure could be". So that is the diagnosis. I believe that no matter what you use, somewhere, sometime there is going to be a dog that is allergic to it. So I don't change shampoos I love, I just note on that dog's records that he doesn't do well with a certain product. The very few times I've had problems, I ask the owners to come back in immediately & I re-bathe the dog in something else, use a heavy duty conditioner & fluff dry with very little heat. No perfume (which I never use anyway) & no after bath products. I personally, used Alpha White for a long time with no problems. Also like Crystal White by EZ Groom.


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          I've used alpha white for ages and never had any reactions. Only clients commenting on how white their dogs look.
          Agee that some vets are quick to point blame at a groomer or product rather than do more investigating as to diet or cleaning products etc. ( have even had new vets not be aware of the molecular makeup of Swiffer and its toxicity).


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            It was the first time I groomed the dog. The eyes also swelled shut. I could not understand why they immediately did not take it to the vet. They said that they moved here recently and had not been to one yet, but there are a ton of vets in the area. I also don't understand why they waited until the next morning to call me when I groomed him the previous morning. I use a bathing system so some may have gotten in his eyes. Feel horrible about this.


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              Ryans pet supply has a hypo whitening shampoo called Paw Brothers Hypo-Allergenic Whitening Shampoo Fragrance and Dye Free. The shampoo is very thick and pure white. Leaves coats ice white and no allergic reactions.


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                Maybe it was from brushing? Brushing stimulates the bloodflow. I have washed many white dogs and their skin is "pinker" after the groom.

                I love how vets can make a diagnosis just by looking and not do any scientific testing, allergy test, etc. They probably sold this client a $30 16oz bottle of medicated shampoo and now this client will forever think her dog needs special shampoo. Good going Mr. Vet.


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                  I like Biogroom Super White. I have an allergic reaction to all the Double K shampoos. Used to use them with no problem, but they changed some years back.
                  Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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