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    I need suggestion for my Goldendoodle. When I groomed her today the sides of her head are flat. Is this because of the blow drying not done right? Also her beard, ugh! What do I do with her beard? It just seems to be getting thick and looks unruly. Any suggestions? I tried posting pics of her after grooming but I just can't get them posted on this site. Someday I guess.

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    Let me see if I can find the link my client gave me. If you can pm your email it will be easiest for to do it that way. Of course it is for labradoodle. Myv thoughts at first were ugh why would you want me to do that. But after playing around with it a couple times, it actually looks nice. The doodle I do has ALIT of coat. Soft and wavy almost to a kink but not really. I can send a pic if need be


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      OK everyone this is all I can think of in order that you can see the pic. Go to


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        Thank you Dusty Muzzle. That video had attachments as well. I've learned a new way to do her beard which will make it look better. I noticed her ears were clipped to close to close to the head. It is more like a poodle which I don't like. So any suggestions there would also help.


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          The last Tim I did his head it reminded me of a bichon ball head. If that makes sense.