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    Has anyone ever surveyed your customer with a questionnaire?

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    They appear to be in grooming. Everyone is so afraid to hear? Must be why I not sure why else. My hairdresser does it sometimes.


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      I have asked a dozen groomers at least and all say no way. Is that a lack of confidence or ???


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        We do have a questionnaire that is voluntary and sits on our counter. We never got a bad review, BUT some great suggestions for hours that would be more convenient, a couple on prices, some ask for daycare services and mostly suggestions is what I am saying.

        I worry more about scam reviews on Yelp since they are almost impossible to get corrected or removed.


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          Glad to hear it violet2, I am at least going to put some out on the counter.


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            The best way to get customer reviews, ideas and insights is not to use public services, but instead to send private surveys to your clients via email or private link on a website. This way you are sure that get answers only from people, who really are your clients. Also, you won't show these critical business ideas to anyone and will avoid showing bad reviews on the internet.
            Try this service and see how it's able to help. The also have online support on site.


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              I mailed a survey out at the end of my first year in business. I included a coupon (only time ever did that) for $5 off their next groom. The coupon expired March 31. I was hoping it would 1) encourage people to do the survey, and 2) help get people in after the holidays. Here are the questions:
              1. What do you and your pet like about coming to Southpaw?
              2. What is lacking or needs improving at Southpaw?
              3. Are you aware of the Preferred Client Program?
              4. Does a bath and fluff dry between haircut appointments interest you?
              5. Would you like to see your pet’s picture on the Southpaw website?
              6. What, if any, quality retail products would you like Southpaw to sell? (shampoo and conditioner, brushes and combs, collars and leads, toys, treats)
              7. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being tops, how would you rate Southpaw Pet Salon?
              8. Please feel free to make any additional comments or to add any concerns that you feel need to be addressed.