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Weird grooming randomness.

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  • Weird grooming randomness.

    It appears that a local groomer is telling people that she trained me. Wth? I know this person casually, have had a few conversations, but no training, employment, co-working, or any such thing. I do refer out to her all the time because I am booked solid (andbecauseIjustplaindon'twanttodosomedogsthereIsa idit). I've had at least two people share that with me. I am hoping maybe there's someone else around here that she did train and they're just misunderstanding and thinking it was me, but they were adamant and specific. It seems like a really weird thing to make up. Our grooming styles and processes are nothing alike (not a value judgment).

    That's my grooming randomness for the day. Feel free to share your own.

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    A former employee I hired after I had been open almost a year and working for three told people the same thing. Doesn't make any sense to me. It used to bother me. Not anymore. Now I find it funny.
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      If, in fact, she said that, it was probably because you're a good groomer and she feels the need to validate herself to others by claiming you as her protégé . I wouldn't waste time worrying about other people's insecurities.


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        Yes I see it as a positive too. Sure beats back stabbing.


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          I'm not too bothered by it. Just kind of what the heck. It just seems like a really weird thing to make up (taking what I was told at face value, but you know how that goes). I never realized that "I trained that other groomer" was a thing. TIL.