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What do you offer or get from your boss??

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  • What do you offer or get from your boss??

    We here often that corp salons offer benefits to their employees which is a plus. Just curious what do some private owned salons offer as incentives to their employees such as paid days off, paid vacation, bonus checks, holiday bonus etc. Please share any input is welcome

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    I currently give the staff a bonus check for Christmas but was trying to think of other things that's not too expensive. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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      My boss gave us an extra day or two off after Christmas...with no pay!


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        My employer offers Health benefits and paid vacation. You are eligible after a year of full time employment and the salons half of the commissions for the week needs to be a bit over $800 a week for health benefits.They pay for 70% and the employee pays the rest. You earn paid leave based on how long you've been employed and pay is based on the average commissions earned per day from the previous year.
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          It's a free market i've seen quite a few salons that offer the whole shebang. 401k etc, seen a few that are strictly commission under the table meaning no benefits. Work Smart not hard


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            My employees bring me little gifts that I don't expect. I give them a holiday bonus check whether part time or full time, but check amount is bit higher for full time, and for every year thereafter starting with 2nd anniversary it goes higher for each year.

            We have a holiday get together usually going out to a buffet or pizza restaurant between Christmas and New Year.

            Everyone is welcome to come to my home on January 1, some do, some don't, but they love the invite. Potluck optional. We watch videos or today some bring their pads and play egames, glued to tablets.