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Letter to customers about raising prices

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  • Letter to customers about raising prices

    I am going to be raising my prices next March. In order to give all my clients sufficient notice, I am going to post signs within my shop now. Any suggestions on wording? I plan to raise prices depending on breed, haircut, and frequency of grooming by $2-$10 per dog/breed. I have not raised my prices since I opened in 2008.

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    I would wait til closer to March to let your clients know. Whenever I raised my prices, I started by saying that I hated to do it (which I did), but I must because or rising costs. I'd add, for you, that I haven't had a raise since 2008.
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      I agree with KarlaSnyder. Wait until after the Christmas/Hanukkah /Kwanzaa/New Year holidays have passed before making the announcement.


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        I also agree to wait till around March to raise prices. Post signs is all I would do......even this is more advance notice than the grocery store, gas station (can change while you are in line already!), electric bill, ect.
        I just tell them when appt is scheduled or if prebook I tell them when doing reminder texts.
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          I don't believe any letter is necessary especially since you haven't raised prices in 7 years! Holy Cow most of your clients will probably say they've been expecting it. Put up a nice sign the day you raise prices & be done with it!! Personally, I find it very presumptuous when clients walk in with their check made out already!


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            We do letters about every 2 years as well as having a sign posted 6 months in advance.


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              I always do a letter, I think it is not mandatory, but sort of a touch of class to take the time.