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  • Lighting

    I had fluorescent lighting in the salon area before opening but wanted the best lighting for tub and table. I kept the fluorescent for the reception area and bought new LED's for the tub and table. My problem is I find it still leaves shadows "especially while cutting the dogs nail" it's not so noticeably while grooming. Weird right? Anyway I'm wondering what everyone else has, if you like it, and what might be my problem?

    I seriously tried to upload better picture none of the other would take so here is what I was able to upload. The tub is behind us and you can't see very clearly but the lights are also adjustable to any direction.

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    I tried posting pics but it didn't work, so words are all I have.


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      I had track lighting installed above my table. The extra lighting helped me tremendously with getting the additional light aimed where I needed more intensity.

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        Yep, track lighting with LED bulbs.....I have no dark spots or shadows.
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          Right all the light cannot come from overhead, you can track around the table, like one on each 4 sides plus the overhead.