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  • Flying Pig Grooming Products

    Does anyone have experience with this company and their products. I am interested in purchasing a tub, dryer and table. Any reviews or info are greatly appreciated!

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    I have heard OK things but they really have not been around long enough to be able to get much feedback.


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      Same here, Iknow people that saw them at a show and said they looked professional, but no hands on reviews.


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        I saw them at a show last year. I don't know how they hold up as they are newer company.


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          I have emailed and spoken to them. ......find a different company, imo.
          Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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            I have a Flying Pig that I bought specifically for the sound level, the variable speed and heat (high heat is too hot on this dryer though) and I only wanted it for use on the lowest level. I don't use it much because it uses to much energy for my mobile van but I like it for my personal dogs. How it would hold up to hard core use Idk but if I had a shop it would be my choice for most little dogs. I personally own K911, Hanvey Mobile Dryer, Oster Stand Dryer, Oster Table Dryer and a CC Kool Pup. The only one I don't like is the Kool Pup which I bought because it advertises as being quiet and I disagree. The Flying Pig IMO is just so much better than the Kool Pup.