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  • Swedish Groomers???

    I am thinking about possibly moving to Sweden in the next few years, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about the grooming industry over there. I have been unable to find much information (in English, anyway!) about dog grooming employment and statistics on the Internet. The only information I HAVE found is that only 13% of Swedes own one or more dogs, which seems very low! The only person I have been able to contact states (this is translated, but otherwise her words):
    "There are many dogs in Sweden, the problem is (translator could not follow)... Not the culture here that you go and cut their dogs in the same way as in the U.S.. But I think it is on the rise now, so it's good! In southern Sweden, I believe there are more jobs than in the north."

    Can anybody else give me any insight? I would really like to move there, but grooming is my passion, and I don't think I would give it up.

    Any help, links, information, advice, etc. is VERY appreciated!

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    I would contact the Swedish American Embassy – the one closest to you wherever you are and put my questions to them.


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      I went to a euro grooming competition some years ago and I don't rememberany competitors from Scandinavia. Maybe there is a us embassy there to help too, or a Swedish embassy here in US. Sometimes there are clubs for countries with americans citizens. Try this but I didn't check them all out. But we had a big British American club in California and they helped us to tour Great try some searches. There has to be some club of Swedes that moved here and would know.


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        It's REALLY difficult to be allowed to move to Sweden. A quick search will confirm this. So many hoops to jump through and then you are still denied entrance.
        You can go for 90 days on a tourist visa. That would give you some idea if you would even like to live there. Go in the winter. Living in the cold and 20 hours of dark can take their toll on you.
        I wish it was easier and I would be right there with you. I checked into it a number of months ago and I'm not rich enough. Should have been a doctor.



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          Swedish groomers listed at Yelp. Maybe you can get some ideas from them???


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            Well my favorite brand of shampoo is from Sweden.
   is their website. You can see how busy the show world is. But their page is in English. Maybe ask them...

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