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Carpal Tunnel surgery

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  • Carpal Tunnel surgery

    Has anyone had this? How long was your recovery? One of my groomer friends had it suggested and doc says she may not groom for at least 6 weeks and only then increase slowly. Sound right?

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    I had carpal tunnel surgery a few years back. I believe they told me anywhere from 6 weeks to possibly months before I could groom again. I took two weeks off from grooming and went back after that and I was fine, but I would advise your friend to follow her doctor's advice (unlike what I did )
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      Each case is different and there's no one size fits all answer. My hairdresser had it done and they had to go back halfway through the healing process to try again. First surgeon goofed.
      Get a second opinion- even third and fourth before cutting and make sure.
      Recovery time is dependent upon many things so they should listen to their doctor and be in touch on a regular basis.


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        I went back in 3 weeks to part time and a month to fulltime but didn't push myself with hard assignments.