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Help! All shoppers from the Hershey show please read.

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  • Help! All shoppers from the Hershey show please read.

    Help! Sorry to sound so urgent. I'm trying to locate the name of the jewelry vendor that was situated right inside the door directly across from the Davis registers. I bought some lovely earrings and pendants from her but I cannot find the receipt and I would like to buy some more. Can Anyone help with the name and the contact number. I believe she was located in Virginia. Thanks everyone

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      I've got the original page that shows which vendors were in a particular space, but they do not list these secondary vendors that were along the wall near the entrance. You're best bet is to contact Barkleigh at (717) 691-3381

      Happy buying some bling

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        Thanks , Dolly, I'll try them as well. This woman hand lovely breed earrings in gold as well as pendants


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          As it happens, I sat with the consultant, Angie Applegate, for that booth at the Barkleigh Honors banquet. It is called Touchstone jewelry, which is available through Davis Mfg. You can order her jewelry from her at 404-292-2424. She is such a talented artist and hand painted those dog breed stools they had at the booth as well.


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            Is this their website?


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              That's the one!!!! I have received so many comments on her breed earrings ( got the Scotties just in time) and pendants that I want to send her some more business. Her stuff is lovely it out being overly cute or flashy. Really a asterisk and talented artist

              Thank you all so much for coming to the rescue


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                Ooh nice stuff.