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Anyone share what the H is "groomer burnout"

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  • Anyone share what the H is "groomer burnout"

    Newbies to the field are so excited about grooming and then when we read the net we hear some groomers talk about groomer burnout. WTF. What causes that. Not going back to the assembly line factory job I had once fpr cars, or sales, so what do I do to avoid that. Cannot imagine anything as a sort of newbie myself doing grooming, but don't want to burnout. Please help those like me.

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    Burnout is the same in this field as in any other field of high pressure, high work load, high physical demand on your body, high noise level. Coupled with low appreciation by both your work situation ( employers/ mang'ment/ bosses), clients who do not have the least bit of understanding how difficult this work can be, and fellow workers (groomers, bathers, receptionists, and in some cases vet staff) who are not aware of these stresses or who may be under the impression the groomer is at the "bottom of the barrel".

    If you are new, welcome to the grooming world. It is a wonderful place to grow in skills and relationships. But be prepared for any and all of the above. Get the best eduacation you can to prepare yourself for the challenges and be qualified to do good work. Use proper tools and keep them maintained. The industry has grown tremendously in the past 30+ yrs, we have the chance to be much better and work safer. Become a true grooming professional.



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      And add the potential for you friends and family to thinks X tell you that 'it's cute you want to play with dogs all day but don't you think you should get a real job?'

      Burnout is essentially that feeling that you are doing your best snd working hard but you are totally undrappreciatedcor respected as a professional. One good way to help keep that at bay is to conduct yourself professionally. Set an atmosphere of being in a professional environment - even if you are housecall. when the clients treat you with the respect for the knowledge and skill you bring you will find that burnout is slower to intrude.
      Also, make time for yourself. Keep your holidays and family celebrations. Take time to attend conferences and stay enthused about your profession. Network with peers ( they understand better then family or spouses and never through it back in your face on s bad day ).

      Above all - love what you do every single day. And be proud of the work you turn out. Graciously accept dog kisses - they're the real reason we do this - and make like a duck for the silly human comments.


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        Some great tips on how to keep burnout at bay! ^^^

        But, know that it will happen to you at some point. I'm sure everyone has felt it. Burnout comes with any kind of stressful, physically demanding, mentally demanding job. Grooming is all of those things, but rewarding and enjoyable at the same time. When you do get burned-out, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just means it is time to take a break. If you recognize that you are starting to feel burned-out, just step back, take a vacation or long weekend. Do something you enjoy, something that makes you feel good. Anything that isn't grooming related. Then get back to work and you're back in the normal swing. I always feel burned-out after the holidays, so I plan for it. The holidays makes me feel good, accomplished, busy. But once the adrenaline wears off I am just exhausted. So I always plan to use up my vacation time somewhere in the january/february slow down to keep the burnout at minimum. We all need breaks. Don't forget to take care of yourself.


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          Even salon owner that have good clientele can get burnout. Whenever I feel myself going down that path, I know it's time to cut back on my hours, change the type of grooming client I take on ( fluffy creative gives me joy), or invest in new education to reenergize me.

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            I saw myself getting on to burnout, and I made a big change and accepted being an employer and hired up to 5 employees, and I LOVE my business at this level. I feel better at end of day, I don't have to do the most laborious tasks, I am not trying to groom, take in dogs, let out dogs, make reminder calls, pay bills, make bank deposit do this and that, and this and that....we have a beautiful flow each thing I ever chance of burnout.


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              Being self employed with staff did the same Brit. I love my staff, not too big, but so much easier on my body and mind. If I were going to be alone, I would consider mobile in upscale top dollar area and only work 4 day weeks and hire bookkeeping help to minimize paperwork.


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                I worked by myself a few years and never again. Love having employees even though it has its challenges.