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Some people have no right picking up a pair of clippers

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  • Some people have no right picking up a pair of clippers

    Oy vey. Styles vary, my grooms don't look like yours or yours like mine. However when this comes home from a groomer just two weeks before I am called out to fix it, I have to say, this is just wrong. Both dogs in this house literally came home with their heads like this. A little bit of hair trimmed off the visor and otherwise just left. This before picture was just TWO WEEKS after the dog was at the groomer. and the after
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    You have got to be kidding me !!!! I doubt that the "groomer" will be in business for long. The "before" pix looks like the dog was groomed 8 weeks ago with a lawn mower and nothing on the head/face area.

    Happy getting a new client.....for life

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      Another shock, being Halloween time, a little better to take. OMG


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        Wow, well are there not times we are clean up groomers, cleaning up "groomers" that are not groomer.


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          A couple of years ago there was a wanna'be groomer in my area who would leave the head and sometime the neck and front legs essentially ungroomed on the grounds that "the dog bites." She didn't last long.


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            Oy vey is right! Dolly said it......Happy having a new customer for life.
            It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see.
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