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Americans Spend About $350 Million on Pet Costumes

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  • Americans Spend About $350 Million on Pet Costumes

    Right on cue, I woke up yesterday wondering if I might have a problem. Yes, the signs have been there day in and day out, week after week, month to month. But every year, it’s Halloween that really makes me look around my living room — at the cardboard and spray paint and hot glue guns and industrial-size tub of glitter — and think, “Hm.”

    I devoted Sunday to drawing up plans for Murphy’s Halloween costume, and I’ll spend every night this week putting the finishing touches on his top-secret get-up. I’ve set aside one evening for tailoring, one for mobility troubleshooting, and another for rebuilding the portions that Murphy will inevitably maul during his many fit sessions.

    Murphy, you see, is a dog. Murphy, unlike myself, has very little interest in what he's being for Halloween this year or who wins the office costume contest. The good news — well, for me, anyway — is that I’m not alone. Last Halloween, Americans spent around $350 million on pet costumes. Say what you will about the economy, but somehow we came up with $350 million to transform our Pomeranians into sillier looking Pomeranians for one night. $350 million. That’s a lot of raptor dogs............
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    That is a pretty amazing number. I would have guessed $50M max.


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      wow, that is a lot of money just on costumes. If that's what people spent on Halloween costumes, I wonder what the number is for Christmas outfits/presents


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        Amazing, I thought maybe a typo for 35 million


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          I heard on tv it is over 2 billion when you count people costumes.