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Most Expensive Dogs to Buy and Keep CNBC

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  • Most Expensive Dogs to Buy and Keep CNBC

    America has been going to the dogs for years. There are hotels for dogs, vegetarian gluten free treats for dogs, and there has even been airlines for dogs! You know, a dog's life is now a good thing.
    On average, we spend $1,600 a year on Rover (does anyone still name their dog Rover? Apparently the most popular dog names now are Bailey and Bella).
    Here are the top, best, most expensive dogs to buy, followed by the most expensive to keep.

    MOST EXPENSIVE TO BUY............
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    I disagree with most of the breeds up there. And saying that (fill in the blank) breed can cost up to 25k is silly. Any highly trained dog for specialized work can cost tens of thousands of dollars.


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      Didn't read it but #1 should be fancy pants $3500 doodle!

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        I dunno how accurate this article is.