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PETA Recommends House Call Groomers and Groomers Who Are Members of Assns

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  • PETA Recommends House Call Groomers and Groomers Who Are Members of Assns

    I would think they mean both in-home and mobile groomers. Here is info from a recent article where the author reference PETA and groomers, and other sources.........

    "Grooming accidents are “alarmingly common,” according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). To prevent your pet from being injured or worse, there are some important questions you should ask the groomer. It would behoove you to find out who your groomer is, how long they’ve been grooming, what kind of track record they have — you need to do this kind of work,” Rosemary Marchetto, Bijou’s owner, told CBS New York in December 2014."

    "PETA recommends grooming your pet yourself or finding a groomer who makes house calls. If that’s not possible, ask if your groomer has completed a training program and belongs to any professional groups, such as the National Dog Groomers Association of America. Make sure the groomer has several years of experience and can provide references."

    "You should also evaluate the grooming facility, says the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Make sure it looks and smells clean, is well-lit and that the cages are the appropriate size."
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    Good advice! ... NOT. If you can't find a trained groomer belonging to a professional group you might as well pick up some sharp scissors & try it yourself! The worst injuries I've seen were from owners trying to cut out mats!


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      So I think what they are saying is that the pet owner needs to keep an eye on the groomer during the groom by having the groom take place in the pet owner's home. That would rule out mobile groomers, unless you can imagine pet owners sitting in your van or trailer. Wow. So I am curious in home groomers, how many pet owners actually watch you through the whole groom in the first place?


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        Wow there are not enough in home groomers to take care of 1 state. Watch for more bad grooms coming in, just kidding.