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Longest week ever -----and it's only Wednesday

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  • Longest week ever -----and it's only Wednesday

    After almost 5 months of telling our maintenance supervisor that the AC isn't working properly (and having him and the AC repair people Poo-Poo all of us females as having hot flashes--I know) it finally completely died.
    Starting Monday afternoon the temperatures started to go up and haven't come down. Yesterday was bad but tolerable until the end of the day - fortunately it was a short and easy day,

    Today was abysmal - temps never got down below 78 or 79 and the humidity was so thick you could almost cut it.
    Wouldn't be as much of an issue if it was cooling off yet but our highs are still in the upper 80's

    Told the chief doctor, office manager and then company Prez that if temps weren't down I wouldn't be grooming until fixed. I quickly shot down their initial suggestion to move to the treatment areas and groom in the midst of exams,, procedures, and emergencies with approx. a dozen people milling about chatting/laughing by talking about liability when a dog was injured by the distractions and with no way to attach a grooming arm to secure the pet.
    Amazing how fast that got things moving. AC won't be fixed until the city approves a permit for the cranes to install new rooftop units ( don't ask- it's Floriduh).. Meanwhile, Prez approved my suggestion to rent portable Ac units to stay operational. (Not to be snotty, but it sometimes helps to now how much you contribute to the corporate bottom line. Also helps to be able to casually drop a $$ figure regarding how much they would lose by shutting down.)

    Stay cool,y'all

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    Things going any better?


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      I'm off on Thursdays but just got word that the main AC is not going to be fixed until mid week - mid next week.
      And the portable units are not effective so have been taken out. We'll see how it goes.

      Thanks all for letting me dump all this.