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  • Non competition clause

    Would you sign one, I started out grooming for a corporation and signed one when I was there because I wanted to learn to groom and they were teaching me skills I did not have before. Since then I have invested my own time and money into furthering my skills. I quit grooming back in March and am wanting to open my own grooming business at home but it seems that getting that together is going to take longer than planned and I'm just wanting to groom again. I'm looking into shops 30 min to an hour away and they are wanting non competition agreements. I don't think it's right to ask a groomer to sign away the rights to their skills they already have. What are your opinions.

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    If I remember a thread from a while ago non- competes are essentially unenforceable - unless you open up right next door and accost clients as they try to walk into the first shop.

    There was a court case near me a while back regarding non- competes snd the judgment was that no one has the right to prohibit you from earning a legal living. Non competes were instituted to prevent upper level employees and scientists and developers from taking proprietary information from one business to another. Courts generally do not see dog grooming ( or even sandwich making ) as proprietary


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      I heard to check laws locally. Often not enforceable but you could be in an area where they area. it is not a federal law so you have to check locally.


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        They are more enforceable the first year or two.