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Had a strange comment/queston from a client today

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  • Had a strange comment/queston from a client today

    Had new client today with a 13 mo old Havanese ask how much more I would charge since her dog wasn't neutered. Guess my face was enough to make her continue to say that her last groomer charged an extra $15 to groom unneutered male dogs.

    Makes me wonder what some people are thinking, (having just experienced a different issue involving corporate greed it started a train of thought).

    What other absurd upcharge excuses are possible? Are people going to start charging more for white dogs? What about parti-colored ( they can be difficult to get perfectly balanced with the optical illusion issues.). Maybe we can charge more for leaving those long eyelashes on? What about an additional fee for dogs with bad breath? Maybe an upcharge for using a brush and comb?

    Has anyone else heard of something this strange? Did I miss a memo and should I be charging for each aspect of grooming a dog on an a la carte basis?
    Please share your thoughts ----and maybe some of the weirdest things you've heard.

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    I have had many pe tsomething clients say they were charged extra for nails done with the groom.


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      nail grinding isnt included in the basic at petco


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        Chewie, Over the years I wish I HAD charged for unaltered males. Ones that had to be picked up IMMEDIATELY once they were finished or they would mark anything within reach. I've had to keep these dogs on a table (near by) as I worked on the next dog because they couldn't be placed back into a crate . I have always heard that most corp stores did "ala carte" pricing, everything was an add-on. I have been to seminars where extra pricing was taught for long nails, and extra dirty ears .
        Personally I have added charges for behavior / temperment / handling issues.



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          Everything is included in my price. Only extra charge would be for excess matting or a flea treatment (more than a couple fleas). I hate it when businesses add on charges. The people who cut my lawn charge a good price for the work, but at the end of the bill is a $1 billing fee. Makes me angry every time I write the check. Bet our clients feel the same.
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!


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            the first grooming shop I worked charged extra for anal glands. That's something I personally think should be included. They also charged a whopping $7.00 for teeth brushing.

            I only wish I could charge extra for the dogs who pee/poop all over my front lobby. Or when people are late for their appointment or no show. Or the ones who bark constantly. But hey, it comes with the job.

            I've had several people call for info and are surprised that the groom includes nails, ears, and anal glands. We have a lot of pit bulls and pit mixes around here and most new clients ask if I charge extra for doing them. Nope. not unless they truly are a handful or aggressive. Most are big babies.


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              I don't find it strange. It's just another pricing structure. As long as the owner is given advance notice so they can either go there or go elsewhere, who does it hurt? Some people believe that unaltered males act differently from neutered dogs. If an unaltered dog were to get into a fight, the problems for the salon owner would be more than $15 worth. Groomers who work in bullpens with several groomers almost at their elbows are in a different situation from groomers who work in a peaceful one or two person salon. On a really busy day, having to stop and clean up after a dog who is marking would take $15 worth of time. Each to their own, as long as the animals wind up getting what they need from one groomer or another


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                I always find it amusing when they ask how much for a nail trim, you tell them the price which includes dremeling, and they ask "is that for all four paws?". Um, yes. IDK, maybe some of you charge by the paw? I do find the thought of a "saving the eyelash fee" delightful, and in my perfect world, this fee would be doubled for Doodles! Bwahaha!


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                  My friend just moved to Florida and many shops she called charge extra to groom the face. I don't know if that's just a cocker or all dogs?


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                    Originally posted by The Dusty Muzzle View Post
                    I have had many pe tsomething clients say they were charged extra for nails done with the groom.
                    For dremmeling it's extra. A nail trim, ears, anals are all included with the groom like most places. Teeth. certain shampoos, conditioner is add-on. They can get foot cream, special face wash, color, like a million other things added on but the basics are included.

                    Our direct competitors (private and small chain) shops in the area do not include anything but the bath and haircut. The neighboring one's price for a doodle is $60 (ours is 73), but then they charge 15 bucks to just do the nails.

                    I don't know how I feel about an unaltered male charge. We only have a few of them that pee all over every single moment you don't watch them, and then you could just charge a handling fee or express fee for those ones (maybe). Most intact males aren't that much of a pain that you should have to add extra fees. We have a whopping one dog that we do an express on because he will pee all over the stainless steel kennel walls and then rub himself on them after the groom, or tethered he will pee over and and over again and trudge through it so there's literally no way to keep him clean but charge for an express groom and have the PP wait in the area.


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                      I wish I could charge more for arrogant and liars clients. My price quote list : - You pissed me off +15$ lol

                      Even as mobile, when I have to clean up the van before to give back the dog and I let the dog on the floor, and when he starts to pee, I hate this, but most of time they don't mark it rarely happens! But I would be really pissed if I was in a shop and the dog pee on another one!! I won't charge more neither, I would just try to book him as the latest dog of the day.


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                        One salon I worked at we had JCC and JCD. Jerk charge customer or jerk charge dog :P

                        Intact animals don't bother me as much as the droolers!!! Yuck!


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                          I don't have as much problem was he a neutered males peeing on everything as much as I have an issue with trying to shave around all that junk with matted for. These guys are usually the ones that wiggle the most and I am absolutely terrified that I'm going to castrate one of them trying to get mats out