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  • Decorating Shop for Halloween

    Anyone decorating? We put up orange lights on black strings, some spider webs, no scary spiders though and we carve a dozen pumpkins. We do put some pet hair in the webs for fun.

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    Sure you we do some but more for Christmas. When I started getting employees I found decorating for holidays brought team spirit, that's a real hint people. It really worked, and for halloween they can dress up and we get these pumpkin like pizzas and soda. Teamwork improves. True. We get a couple pumpkins and do kinda like you 4them some orange lights with little pumpkins on them.

    We also have a string of orange and black bows and we ask customers if they would like them on their pet, and we have pumpkin bandanas hanging like stringed lights. OK they can have that too.

    MY CUSTOMERS HAVE SMILES ACROSS THEIR FACES. Suddenly they are beaming and laughing. These little things are easy and make your place fun and good grooming, they will build your business and never go elsewhere no matter how cheap those others use discount coupons LOL.

    Thanks for reminding me, decorate now. We need it all the more in this world. Keep it simple, it isn't how good you do but that you do it and spur the fun out there. A couple hours of work will come back ten times.

    Yes we also do pumpkin dog biscuits we hand out on Halloween if open that day or the day before if we are closed. Have fun. You got me going now! LOL, People buy our professional services, but they love and bond to our good will and plain old fashion fun. Aargh!


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      I have a great boss but we are not doing anything, poo poo, but we can dress up. I have a little witch hat and cape I am going to wear. A cople of the bather and I are going to a buffet after work to celebrate. Maybe I work on my boss a little more and print this and show them what you are doin. Have a blast, I know it works.


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        The fall decorations went up on the first day of fall. The Halloween decorations will go up on the 17th.
        Then it's back to generic fall until two weeks before Thanksgiving. Generic winter goes up on December 1st with Christmas up starting - roughly- December 10th. New Years is up on December 27th ( I'm off on the 26th). And then it calms down until Valentines, Mardi Gras, Easter, spring, and so on.
        Sounds like a lot but I have felt decorations for the windows that are reusable each season so it's easy to open the decorations drawer and slap them up.


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          We have strings of little pumpkin lights and a spider treat bowl for the dogs. We do much more for Christmas.


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            Every single bit of my 7 by 14 lobby is decorated for Halloween! (Also changed about every 6 weeks to include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patty's, Spring, Summer, July 4th, Cowboy for the State Fair, just All Dogs Decorations, and a Pink with Black Dots when I'm bored with Holidays! ) LOL My clients LOVE it and so do I


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              I am getting excited, I love this coming season so I make the most of it. Pugnacious we are sistas!!! lol


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                We don't do much for Halloween except they can wear a costume within reason, especially my customer service girls. No guys up front. We do start Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving and do a lot. Sometimes we even get a window painter who does scenes with dogs and cats, really cute.