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Un-baaahlievable Overgrown Sheep Gets Haircut...

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  • Un-baaahlievable Overgrown Sheep Gets Haircut...

    We first published this story about a month ago, but it is getting more and more attention and follow ups. Here is the newest........

    An enormously overgrown sheep that spent years in the wild and was saddled with so much wool that it could barely walk underwent a lifesaving "haircut" last month that removed more than 90 lbs. (41 kilograms) of fleece. Now, the animal affectionately known as Chris the Sheep has set a new Guinness World Records for having the most wool removed in a single shearing.

    Chris the Sheep was found roaming around Weston Creek, Australia, on Sept. 2. Named by the wandering hiker who discovered him, the Merino sheep was then rescued by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), a community-based charity that works to prevent animal cruelty..................
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    Unbelievable, I am so glad they rescued animal. 90 POUNDS to remove. OMG.


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      Probably not the claim to fame I want, but this is where I live