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Husband brings bichon to wrong salon, wife happy with groom

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  • Husband brings bichon to wrong salon, wife happy with groom

    This is a fun first. This happened yesterday. We don't know the customer up until now. Wife out of town, stewardess. Husband comes in and says this is Beau for the "works." Well we don't have him down for an appointment. Insists politely enough that wife made appointment, must be groomed for she is coming home tomorrow (today) and relatives coming Sunday, the dog has to be groomed they just got him a few weeks ago and they need him looking best for family. So I ask where was he last groomed. He said he doesn't think he was groomed in town, they just got him a few weeks ago. The wife just said the groomer by the mall 10 am. Well that's where we are, across the street from it. OK OK we will groom him, we have room but you have to come back a longer than normal to work him in.

    Great dog, good condition. We used lots of alpha white and he is sparkling. Husband all smiles. Wife comes home today and says wow he is beautiful and gave him special bows by request. They get a call saying if they miss another appointment in the future there will be a service charge, final warning.

    Husband tells groomer you groomed him, looks great. Groomer says you missed the appointment. Seems the wife did have him groomed when she picked him up a few weeks ago and took him to one of my competitors, yes near the mall were we are but half a mile away from the mall. I guess that is close. They called me and we all laughed and told us what happened and wife says, we will back. He looks awesome.


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    That's great! Haha


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      Great story !!!


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        Sounds like it was meant to be, for the dog too.


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          On top of your good work, the phone call with last warning probably didn't endear them to the other shop.


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            I love happy end stories, and agree with BeeJL about getting a warning.


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              Love this story. From chaos to all things working out.